Improve your school’s academic average by allowing our team of professionals to work with your learners and enable them with the tools and knowledge on how to prepare themselves optimally for the mental, physical and emotional rigours ahead.

For both Grade 11 and Grade 12 learners, the final exams are not just a test of what they have learned over the past years but also puts their self-esteem, their outlook on life, their courage and resilience on trial.

This practical 2 ½ hour workshop teaches learners to create a weekly planner, a graphic continuous study timetable and a task priority system for projects and homework.

This system enables learners to monitor progress and ensures that all subject content has been thoroughly worked through and that sufficient revision has taken place.

The above workshop is facilitated at your school during school hours, afternoons, weekends or during the school holidays.

Workshop Content

  • Understanding my academic personality
  • Goal setting
  • Breaking down my subjects into curricular blocks and allocating coverage times
  • Developing a weekly planner
  • Setting up my 3-month study time table
  • Monitoring your own learning advancement
  • Identifying my peak brain times
  • Planning for balance
  • Setting up your study pad
  • Summarising my curriculum
  • Working through passed papers
  • Answering exam questions
  • Tackling an exam paper
  • Managing stress
  • Brain food
  • Sleep and exercise

Learners will receive and need to bring:

  • Facilitation, a study skills Manuel and a certificate
  • Each learner will need to bring a pen, pencil, ruler, highlighter, examination pad or paper and something to eat and drink.
  • Examination timetable