Due to the nature of their profession, educators face many real dangers on a daily basis and often find themselves at risk due to the following circumstances:

  • Extended work hours, often commuting to and from work in the dark
  • Working in isolated classrooms after school hours
  • Attending extra mural activities
  • Locking up after school functions
  • The increase in reports of learners violently attacking teachers

The educator’s self – defence programme reduces the likelihood of becoming a victim by learning violence awareness and prevention strategies. Educators feel empowered after completing the programme and feel safer in the school

The programme
Delivered in a fun and safe environment, for many educators this is the first time they get the opportunity to role play potentially harmful everyday situations, threats and hostile attacks.
The benefits to this type of training is immeasurable, arming them with a mental blueprint on ways to respond, deter and defend themselves for life.

Experience is the best measure of how you will respond in any situation, therefore in selfdefence, the best experience is to role play certain role play scenarios in a safe environment.
Based on instinctive behavioral responses the educators are guided through scenarios for:

  • Being aware of their environment, surroundings and instincts
    Being alert and safe on public transport or while driving, at social games, events, travelling or while out at night
    Understanding passive assertive behaviour verses passive aggressive responses to deter a potentially hostile situation and knowing your legal rights
    Understanding the psychology of fear and adrenaline and how to prevent yourself from “freezing in the moment”
    Knowing how to use your size to your advantage, learning “critical hit points “to stop any size attacker
    Preparing a personal safety plan
    Learning self-defence is just plain smart and essential for all educators. Skills for life!

About the Facilitator
Anthony Segal has been doing Krav Maga (Self- defence) for the past 15 years and is IKI affiliated and a registered instructor. He is passionate about teaching and transferring his knowledge onto others. The ultimate goal of IKI Krav Maga is your survival against threats and attacks. It is a pure self defence system.

Cost: R 3 500.00
Please email: for more information.

Additional information
This programme is endorsed by Rape Wise SA as an essential programme for educators working in South Africa. Many of the cases that Rape Wise deals with, could have been avoided, had the educator involved had basic self -defence and safety awareness skills.
Time: 2 hours Where: at your school
When: During school, after school, Saturdays