An essential workshop for Pre Primary, Primary and High School management, School based support teams, support professionals and educators

SACE CPTD allocation /Type 3 / 10 points / Leadership and management

The Presenter – CEO JOHN BUSWELL

John Buswell is one of South Africa’s top Serious Sexual Offences experts.

As the head of Rape Wise South Africa over the past 20 years, John has trained thousands of medical doctors, forensic nurses, police officers, prosecutors, social workers, psychologists’ and educators. John regularly consults to the directorate of Public prosecutions and specialist units of the SAPS and deals with approximately 800 cases of sexual assault at Rape Wise annually. This workshop is based on many of the real cases handled


South African girls continue to be raped, sexually abused, sexually harassed at school by classmates and educators. Human Rights Watch found that sexual abuse and harassment of girls by both educators and other learners is wide spread in South Africa.

Rape Wise has emphasised that the challenge of Sexual Abuse is not only faced by girl’s but more and more cases are reported where boys are the victim!

Learners (both boys and girls) who encountered sexual violence at schools were raped in school toilets, in empty classrooms, hallways, hostels and dormitories. Children are also fondled, subjected to aggressive sexual advances and verbally degraded at school. Human Rights Watch also found that children from all levels of society and among all ethnic groups are affected by sexual violence at school.

The Workshop

This practical afternoon workshop will ensure that School Management, members of the School Based Support Team and support professionals are equipped to deal with cases of abuse, sexual assault and discrimination.

Schools have many legal obligations to address the problems of sexual violence and harassment by educators, ground staff and learners, particularly in the area of screening educators, reporting abuse and conducting disciplinary procedures. However national guidelines distributed to schools are unclear and incomplete regarding these obligations. Educators are unsure of the definition of abuse, sexual assault and discrimination and are not trained to identify the symptoms and act in the best interest of the child.

The workshop with cover the following:

Understanding the legal framework with regards to child protection. An introduction to the relevant legislation and understanding your obligations as an educator or principal.

  • The Bill of Rights
  • The Children’s Act
  • The Domestic Violence Act
  • The Criminal Procedure Act
  • The Sexual Offences ACT
  • The SA Schools Act
  • The Employment of Educators ACT
  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act

Understanding the definition of child abuse and sexual assault

Child Abuse

  • Physical Abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Neglect
  • Child labour

Definition of sexual assault in terms of the criminal law (Sexual offences and related matters) Amendment Act, Act 32 of 2007 – definitions (Utilising real case history)

  • Ages of consent
  • Rape
  • Compelled rape
  • Sexual assault and compelled sexual assault
  • Compelled self – sexual assault
  • Incest
  • Bestiality
  • Acts of consensual sexual penetration with certain children (Section15 and 16)
  • Sexual grooming of a child
  • Exposure or display of or causing exposure or display of child pornography or pornography to children
  • Using children for or benefiting from child pornography
  • Compelling or causing children to witness sexual offences
  • Exposure or display of genital organs to children (Flashing)

Indication of abuse / sexual assault

  • Behaviour
  • Physical
  • Psychological

Profiling of the different types of sexual offenders within the school environment

  • Child rapist
  • Power assertive juvenile offender
  • Paedophiles
  • Profile of an abuser

(1) Protocol and Procedure to follow with regards to an abused child (Case based)

  • Approach and disclosure
  • Reporting
  • Child Protection agencies 

(2) When the abuser is a member of staff (Case based)

  • Reporting protocols
  • Action protocols
  • Disciplinary procedure

Protocol and procedure to follow – sexual offences

  • The duty of educators and other school employees to report
  • Reporting protocols
  • Action protocols
  • Understanding the investigation by the SAPS and Medico Lego examiner

Investigating and disciplining educators accused of sexual misconduct (Case based)

  • Approach and disclose
  • Reporting
  • Child protection agencies

 Sexual harassment in SA Schools

  • Defining concepts
  • Forms of harassment
  • Dealing with harassment

 The legal foundation to ensure a school environment in which a culture of human rights is promoted and fulfilled which is fee from any form of sexual