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Parents attend free of charge

Introduction  – Also available in Afrikaans

Over 600 Schools are making use of our Study Skills Programme.

One of the biggest challenges that learners face from Gr4 – Gr10 is that is that they do not know how to plan. This practical workshop teaches learners to create a weekly planner, monthly study time table that correlates to their exam time table and a task priority system for projects and home work.

The system enables parents and educators to monitor progress and ensure that that all subject content has been thoroughly worked through and that sufficient  revision has taken place.

 We invite parents to join their children at the workshop at no additional cost.

 The below workshops are facilitated at your school and include the following basic categories, aimed at each developmental age:

 The iceberg of life (Working from the bottom up)

  • How my brain works (left brain and right brain)?
  • Understanding my academic personality
  • Work smart not hard
  • Goal setting (study time table) and planning
  • Monitoring your own learning advancement
  • Where and how to study
  • Summarizing your notes
  • Memory and mind maps
  • How to answer exam questions
  • Tackling an exam paper
  • Exam tips
  • Managing stress
  • Good eating habits (brain food)
  • An exam physical exercise program

Grade 4 – 10 learners (The below workshop is age appropriate)

 Time: 2,5 hours

This workshop is designed to equip teens with the essential skills needed to cope with studying for exams as well as learning how to write a good exam paper. This will assist learners in the school environment and beyond.

Learning to excel in my exams: creating a study planning schedule and tips for good exam performance

 Module 1 (All grades)

Organisation and planning

  1. Time management: procrastination vs. over planning
  2. Where to start
  3. Creating a study plan and timetable
  4. Allocating enough study time

Module 2 (All grades)

Effective studying: Work smart not hard

  1. Where to study
  2. Is there a perfect way to learn: exploring different study techniques?
  3. How to create a summary: vertical vs. horizontal vs. mind map
  4. The importance of associations and thinking while studying
  5. Memorising

Module 3 (High school)

Why should I work through past papers? Isn’t it just a waste of time?

Module 4 (All grades)

How to write a good exam paper

  1. Deciding what to do first
  2. Understanding the question
  3. Examples

Module 5

Sharpen the saw: developing good habits to sustain and enhance your performance

  1. The importance of sleep
  2. The importance of good nutrition
  3. How to manage your stress and anxiety

This is a practical and interactive workshop. Parents are encouraged to attend with their children so that there can be a common understanding of what needs to happen, at no extra cost. So often studying is something that causes a great deal of conflict in the home. By working together, parents and students can negotiate the best way forward. Students will leave the workshop with a personalised plan that can be implemented immediately.

Information regarding the above workshops

These workshops can be presented during school time, afternoons, Saturdays or in the evening