The national media have recently reported on a number of high profile cases involving the criminal prosecution of educators and heads of schools due to non-compliance of statutory obligations with safety and child protection legislation.

WE are proud to launch our brand NEW “Whole” Schools Governance product for both independent and government schools. This product is supplied on CD ROM and will be couriered to your school. The CD ROM is downloaded onto your school’s network and made available to every member of staff.

Cost: R 295.00 per CD ROM (R 100.00 Courier charge)

The product consists of the following sections:

Manual 1 

Child Protection Manual – for pre–primary, primary and high schools

The proactive child protection program consists of procedural systems, practices and policies that maintain a child safe environment and lead to an organisational culture of child safety within the school community.

The manual specifically addresses issues of child protection and is designed to ensure compliance with all criminal legislation and child protection laws.

This manual covers:

  • The rights and responsibilities of management and staff
  • Obligations to report
  • Protocols, policies and procedures when dealing with assault, sexual assault, physical abuse and neglect, harassment, peer victimisation, suspected drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy and much more

Manual 2

School safety manual – All education institutions

In terms of Section 15 of the South African Schools Act (SASA), 1996 (Act 84 of 1996), every School is a juristic person, with legal capacity to perform its function?

Among other implications, it also means that the school and its employees may be held liable for the Consequences of their actions.

The school and all of its educators could be held liable for patrimonial or non-patrimonial loss, as well as Pecuniary or non-pecuniary loss, if it is found that they did not provide a safe environment for the protection of learners under their supervision.

In terms of educational law, it is assumed that all educators and management act in loco parentis.

Educators and management have an obligation to provide caring supervision for the physical and Psychological welfare of the learner. It is, therefore, of extreme importance that an educator, in his or her role as custodian must protect the welfare of a learner and bear in mind the legal status of a learner within the South African legal system. Corporate governance requires that adults should apply “duty of care”.

Learners and parents are increasingly becoming aware of their legal rights. It is for this reason that the teaching profession should be aware of its legal duties towards learners under their care and control at school, as well as the risk to which educators can be exposed should they not fulfill those obligations.

This product will assist educational facilities to comply with safety legislation and ensure the safety of learners and educators alike.

This manual includes the following:

  • Required safety policies on, school transport, hosting sport events, building site safety, storage of chemicals, injury to a learner, visitor, or member of staff, signage, fire and bomb threats and much more.

Manual 3

A comprehensive school discipline manual – Pre-primary, primary and high school

One of the key elements that affect the health of the school’s environment is the issue of managing learner behaviour through the disciplinary processes of a school. Management, educators and other staff are dealing with problematic behaviour from the learners on a daily basis.

This manual is designed to address the daily difficulties that management, educators and support staff face when dealing with learners’ pragmatic behaviour and consists of the following sections:

  • Setting an effective disciplinary system that is legally compliant with all current legislation
  • Provide teachers with alternative forms of discipline in the classroom
  • Manage an effective disciplinary process from charging a learner to overseeing a disciplinary hearing and managing the appeals process
  • Have instant access to all notices and required legal documentation
  • Disciplinary system
  • Annexures and punitive measures
  • Conducting a disciplinary hearing – independent schools
  • Conducting a disciplinary hearing – government schools
  • Code of Conduct handbook
  • Discipline in the classroom

Manual 4

A manual to assist educators with dealing with children with learning disabilities – Grade RR – Grade 12

Assisting Educators and Support Professionals to deal with Barriers to Learning in the school environment.

Early identification, referral and classroom management of disorders and barriers to learning.

The school environment is very demanding of teachers. More and more learners are being diagnosed with disorders which can cause barriers to learning. These need to be managed by the teacher in the classroom. Often, teachers do not know what the symptoms of the various disorders are and therefore interpret the child’s behaviour as misbehaviour which leads to disciplining the child. This can be very frustrating for the child, teacher and the parent.

The purpose of this section of the program is to:

  • Help teachers to understand the nature and symptoms of disorders
  • Help teachers to identify possible barriers to learning
  • Provide tips on how to manage these in the classroom
  • Assist with early identification and intervention
  • Assist when dealing with parents and making the appropriate referral

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