Education is not just about the subjects you learn at school, it’s about how you are equipped to deal with the challenges in life and how you grow.

Puberty, sexuality and gender respect

Most parents and educators recognise the importance of children and young people having accurate, age appropriate sexuality education as they grow. Communing openly and honestly about sexuality issues can have lifelong benefits for a young person.

Even though South African parents are probably more sexually liberated than ever before, the trend is to shove the responsibility of sexual education onto the schools’ shoulders.

We cover the following topics

  1. Introduction to teen sexuality
  2. Male Sexual anatomy (Reproductive organs)
  3. Female sexual anatomy (Reproductive organs)
  4. The most embarrassing questions asked in the classroom
  5. Understanding fertilisation
  6. The prevention of teen pregnancy
  7. Gender respect
  8. The prevention of sexually transmitted infections
  9. My first relationship – setting boundaries
  10. Hygiene – what is expected of you as a young teen

90 minute presentation

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