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Comments from Platinum schools, parents and students

Thank you so much for this! We will definitely be looking into the options very carefully for next year and are delighted that John will once again be available. He was a real hit down here! Boys and Staff were very impressed by his background and expertise and the very competent way in which he addressed the issues with senior boys, junior boys and Staff alike. It was very worthwhile indeed.

(Mark Perrett - Hilton College)


Pleasantly surprised by Dr. Buswell’s direct and honest approach.  Many of the subjects were hard hitting and unfortunately a very viable part of our children’s lives right now.   I totally agree that every parent MUST take the responsibility and accountability in their homes.   The attendance was low which doesn’t say much to me about parental recognition of the magnitude of the problems that our children are faced with.   Valid questions were raised.   His on-line commitment to this project and fierce determination to impact the children’s lives positively and proactively is motivating and encouraging.   I would appeal to all the parents to ‘wake up and smell the roses’ ….. check your children’s music, web history sites, cell phones and put your foot down – go for zero tolerance without breaking the moral of the child or disciplining them to the extreme.   The approach of ‘head in the sand’ is not going to cut it either!   Each of us making a difference at home, impacts on our community which changes the behaviour of the society.   I would even encourage the school to copy extracts from his newsletters to further highlight / education the weekly newsletter readers.   Subscribing to his monthly updates on what is happening out there to our kids and how to recognise the pitfalls – a must for parents!

(Parent from Parklands College - Cape Town)


Thank you too to him for his efforts and a wonderful 2 days. The feedback has been wonderful from parents, teachers and children. We trust that the Lord may bless him as he goes about from school to school helping, enlightening and warning our precious children of South Africa. Kind regards from all at Cambridge Primary.

(Cambridge Primary)


“After hearing John Buswell speak at the 2008 SAPA conference, I decided that our school had to subscribe. His subsequent presentations to parents, staff and pupils and their overwhelmingly positive response provided that our subscription was “money well spent”. The added advantages of the supply of educational material and his being just a phone call away ensure that our school will subscribe again!”

(Mr Owen J. Nel Headmaster, Clarendon Girls’ High School East London)

“I believe that this package is a value for money product. Not only were John’s workshops well received by staff, learners and parents; John has also been helpful in answering other queries. The parent talk also proved to be an ideal opportunity to invite members of the community and parents of other schools and thus in a small way increase the distribution of knowledge on these all- important topics”.

(Shirley Harding, Principal of Wynberg Girls’ High School, Cape Town)

“Thank you so much for adding so much value to the service that we supply to our children and parents. The sessions that you delivered to our kids, parents and ultimately to our staff, were so meaningful! It is not often that a group of teachers will sit until 16:00 on a Friday afternoon for staff development and want to hear more!

We are happy that we have taken the “Platinum option”. As you know, we have contacted you on two occasions for advice. You have been so enthusiastic to assist and so knowledgeable, that your guidance has been far more beneficial than that of some other departments with whom we consult. We are comfortable that we can approach you at any time for meaningful, practical advice and assistance at no cost to us! The “Platinum” package is a bargain that more schools should explore!”

(F. van Vuuren, Principal of Edgemead Primary School, Cape Town).

“The teachers were impressed with the style in which John presented the information and his responses to the questions. The most important part was that he talks from experience. The learners showed great interest in what John said to them. I think that this also influenced our parent’s attendance. The parent’s attendance at their meeting was very pleasing and they enjoyed the talk”.

(Mrs. S.C. Monyai, Deputy Head/SBST Waterkloof Primary School, Tshwane).

“I would like to take this opportunity in thanking the school for arranging the “Rape Wise course”. It has had the most incredible and positive impact on my daughter. She is now far more aware of her surroundings and how she socializes. Moms and Dad’s can preach until they are blue in the face, but hearing it from an expert has really rung home. Once again I’m so impressed at the level of education offered to my daughter.”

(Parent from St Andrews school for Girls’).

“I was at the talk at IRG primary and I was impressed with the information content and the way in which you present the topics of discussion you have definitely opened my eyes”.

(Parent from IR Griffith Primary).

“Thank you for a very informative presentation at Lyttelton Primary. These are rather serious and sensitive topics that people do not talk about, but you made it easy with your exciting presentation skills”.

(Parent from Lyttelton Primary)

“Thank you for the “Dr. John” talk last night. Brilliant!! Please keep talks like that on your annual agenda, more and more parents will come to them and your jobs at school will become easier – I’M sure. Cheers and well done!”

(Parent from Irene Primary)

“Thank you very much for affording us the opportunity to listen to John Buswell. All his experience certainly opened eyes as to what is occurring with young children these days. The subject was serious but I have not sat in a talk in a long time where the speaker found humour in such a serious topic. Once again thank you for the opportunity”.

(Parent from Bryandale Primary)

“A very thorough and factual explanation of a sensitive and yet unpleasant topic, handled in such a way that listeners feel comfortable. John made us laugh and at the same time think about ways to protect our learners, families and ourselves. Our parents and staff are very alert to danger without being paranoid. It increased an awareness of the reality of bullying and willingness to be pro-active. Thank You!”

(Gay Potter Kenridge Primary)

“John’s upbeat, humorous manner helped the parents to listen attentively, albeit with horror at the many statistics and dangers associated with what many of our children are occupied with on a daily basis. John will be finding himself persona non grata with many children whose concerned parents heard his talk, as they impose stricter controls over their children’s activities, This as they are exceedingly more cautious now that they too are better informed”

(Paula de Jesus CBC St John’s Parklands)


Oprah Winfrey leadership academy (Platinum School) Oprah Winfrey Leadership academy Platinum educator workshop
St Andrews' School for girls Grade 10 Platinum learner talk
NTP support the 72 hour campaign and each child was given a T-shirt to show their support.

Ennis Thabong Learners Learners from Ennis Thabong, learning how to contact the police.
John speaking to learners from Ennis Thabong, seen with a representative from NTP. John seen with the principal from Ennis Thabong Lydia, holding the Rape Wise Platinum 100 schools certificate.

Loreto Convent, John speaking to students

Loreto Convent Platinum School, Teachers Platinum workshop



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