Staff development workshops for individual schools

All staff development workshop requires a minimum of 35 delegates Workshop 1 The Prevention and management of teacher burnout Cost per educator: R 195.00 and includes manual, SACE accredited certificate and facilitation (Duration 2 hours) INTRODUCTION South Africa has...

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Learner and parent information topics

Learner talks – 1 hour each @ R 2 000.00 Grade R – 4 Bullying and Peer victimisation An introduction into the cyber world and cyber safety Challenges facing junior school learners – respect, good and bad touched, bullying and healthy body Grade 5 -7 and Grade 8 -12...

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What is rape?

The new sexual offences act was passed into law in December 2007, and has changed the definition of rape. The definition of rape is: The insertion of ANY object into the vagina, anus or mouth of any male or female without consent. Power struggle Rapists do not always...

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