How we can help you …

We offer talks to learners on: (From Grade R -12)

  • Bullying and peer victimisation
  • Cyber safety
  • Protective behaviours to prevent abuse, good and bad touches
  • Challenges facing junior, primary, high school learners
  • Sexuality and gender respect for Grade 6 and 7 learners
  • Managing emotions and anger management
  • Making and keeping friends – how to resolve conflicts
  • Cyber tech – exposure to routers and hardware safety and cyber bullying
  • Prevention of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Study skills planning and good habits

Staff development SACE accredited workshops:

  • Positive discipline in the classroom
  • Educator burnout
  • Peer victimisation, hidden rage and anger management

Platinum Legal package

This product provides you with instant, 24-hour access to our legal team. The team includes some of South Africa’s top educational law and child protection experts, when it comes to legal challenges

Parent development talks

  • Alternative discipline for parents – No smacking – what now?
  • How do I handle all the emotions? – The language of acceptance
  • My child doesn’t listen – How to talk so that children listen
  • Discipline /parenting styles
  • Values
  • Parenting for the professionals
  • Cyber safety, Cyber tech and cyber bullying
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Bullying and peer victimisation – how do I help as a parent?
  • Parents as role models

The Prevention, identification and case management of sexual offences and child abuse

As the head of Rape Wise South Africa over the past 20 years, John has trained thousands of medical doctors, forensic nurses, police officers, prosecutors, social workers, psychologists’ and educators. John regularly consults to the directorate of Public prosecutions and specialist units of the SAPS and deals with approximately 800 cases of sexual assault at Rape Wise annually. This workshop is based on many of the real cases handled.

Life skills and self-defence

We offer Life skills and self-defence workshops for Independent schools which include portfolio certificates.

Our Proactive Education Group App

Our instant app

  • Is available 24 hrs a day, after hours and even during school holidays
  • Cannot be stolen or removed from the school office
  • Does not take space on mobile phones and is largely device independent.
  • Needs a 3G , wireless or LAN connection and is developed with ease of access in mind.
  • Registered users can log into the app from anywhere in the world and from any device with an internet connection.
  • The app provides ease of access to important information, making it possible to reach critical information quickly, even on small devices.
  • Documents can be printed straight from the app as long as the user has got printing enabled for the device (your IT support will easily set this up for you).
  • Changes to important information contained in the app can be rapidly changed as required and users will always have the most up to date information at their fingertips

Need a Solution

Most schools operate a manual filing system when it comes to their Codes of Conduct, disciplinary procedures, emergency protocol and procedures etc. When an emergency happens, information cannot be found, files have been stolen, protocols are locked in the office, vital information about the search for drugs and testing is not available on school tour.

For more information on any of our service offering or to get pricing information, please get in touch with us and we will gladly answer all your questions.

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